You know, like the grim reaper…

Mar 17

For nine months (geez, has it really been that long?) my business partner and I have been brewing a scythe business.

“A what business?”

“A scythe business?”

“Sorry… a what?”

“Y’know, like the grim reaper…”

“The who?”

That’s the discussion we had, probably 80% of the time we mentioned it (although finding someone who did not know who the grim reaper was, was thankfully a less frequent encounter).

Any normal business partnership would probably view that as a pretty good gauge of the depth of the market for scythes, but not your intrepid travellers bumbling into the nightmare of imports, who called themselves “Bladerunners” (along with dozens of other businesses in Australia, ranging from hairdressers to lawn mowing services – provided by petrol powered machines, mind you! Ha!) and proceeded to sink a slightly disturbing amount of not-so-spare cash into a venture that was really a hobby.

But it will all be okay, because we didn’t just do it in a half-arsed fashion. No siree, we even got Jacobite shirts made up especially.