Blackcurrant fuss

Dec 03

Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Several people have told me that the new Cascade Blackcurrant Syrup tastes completely different to the old one. This was rather awkward for me as a jilted Tasmanian blackcurrant grower, because I didn’t actually notice any difference.

But I just noticed yet another new Cascade-branded product on the shelf. The new one I originally tried looked like this:

The first new label

The first new label – note all the purple and the plastic lid, which suggests that this was probably the last run to be bottled at Cascade’s plant (they had the plastic lids)


The really new label looks different again. It’s shinier. And the cap has gone back to metal.

The second new label

The second new label


And it’s gone back to boasting about the Tasmanian fruit. And it tastes nothing like blackcurrants, to me, and all the other people who have complained about it (including one parent of an autistic child who emailed me to say how disgusted the child was when the new brew was served up!)

The inclusion of “flavour” as one of the ingredients probably explains a lot.